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Lézer Trió Ltd. – laser cutting, sheet metal processing, sheet metal sale

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Our company is located in Gyöngyös, at the Industrial Park, Lézer Trió Ltd., A few kilometers from the eastern exit of the M3 motorway.
Initially our main profile was limited to laser cutting of steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets , currently for satisfy complex demands we undertake sheet bending, welding, planning, mounting, and also sheet selling orders too.

Our company has three advanced laser cutting machines, two are CO2 and one Trumpf Fiber 5030 laser cutting machine that is currently the most modern technology. Machines that complement and substitute each other guarantee superior manufacturing safety.
In our craned hall we can safely move the sheets and parts and load it with a powerful forklift truck.

The virtue of our company is the high degree of flexibility and customer-friendly attitude. We have no problem with small numbers or with short deadlines, we are trying to adapt to our customers' needs.
On request, we undertake the unique marking, item numbering, packing and delivery of workpieces.

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+36(30) 838-6321, +36(30) 552-3964



Karácsondi Str 55/15, Gyöngyös, Hungary, H-3200

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Ask us for a quotation!

What is our main profile?

Laser cutting

We have three laser cutting machines, two of which are CO2 lasers / Trumpf 3040, Bystronic 4020 / and a cutting-edge Trumpf 5030 FIBER. With our production capacity we can safely and quickly serve the needs of our existing and future partners. We are also able to process 4×2m sheets.

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High quality

One of the most advanced laser cutting machines and precise engineering work is the basis for our products. Our management's goal is to satisfy the customer's needs fully and gaining our confidence by reducing the claim.

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